According to a CNBC Poll, 78% of small business owners say the proceeds from the sale of their business will fund 60-100% of their retirement income.  However, 98% of owners do not have an accurate valuation of what their business is worth.  How can there be such a disconnect between these two statistics?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Jason Early, the Chief Revenue Officer of BizEquity, to discuss how business owners can close the gap on those two statistics. We discuss the following…

  • Why you cannot complete a succession plan, retirement plan, risk management plan or growth plan without knowing what your business is worth
  • The reasons why business owners don’t know the value of their business
  • Do you need a certified valuation or fair estimate of value for your business?
  • The differences between Asset Value, Equity Value and Liquidation Value
  • The 3 most important financial metrics that shape the valuation of your practice


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