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Linda would like to exit her practice as soon as possible if she is able to maintain the same lifestyle she lives today.

The Background:

Linda, 57, has been the sole owner of her private practice for 28 years.  She leases a 5,000 sq ft clinic with 6 full time employees and 25 independent contractors. 

The Challenges:

Linda does not know anyone interested in buying her practice. She would like to sell the practice sooner than later.  Linda has never had a valuation calculated for her business.

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Nancy would like to maintain the legacy she’s built by transferring the practice to an employee in 6-10 years.

The Background:

Nancy, 46, has been operating her private practice for 14 years.  She has grown from renting a 200 sq ft. clinic space with a part-time bookkeeper to owning a 3,000 sq ft clinic with 12 full-time employees.

The Challenges:

Nancy is fearful that other therapists will leave for better benefits. Nancy has a clear vision for the practice and does not want to give up control until she exits. Nancy does not know a reasonable time frame is to exit the practice.

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Get financially organized, build a savings plan and invest for goals like children’s education and retirement.

The Background:

Melissa, 41, has been the sole owner of her private practice for 5 years. After working with a private practice consultant, Melissa launched her sole proprietorship to better accommodate her desire for work/life balance.

The Challenges:

Melissa and Tom earn nice incomes but do not have a strong grasp of their monthly cash flow. Melissa and Tom are unsure if they made the right elections from Tom’s employer-offered benefits. Melissa and Tom do not have a consistent savings plan in place.

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