Discover the Value of Your Practice

Discover the Value of
Your Practice

Business Valuation

According to an IBISWorld research study, 98% of business owners do not know the valuation of their businesses. We believe that all practice owners should be entitled to an accurate appraisal of their private practice. As part of our planning process, we use industry leading technology to provide you with a precise valuation of your business.


A traditional, certified valuation has an average cost of $8,000. We include a valuation as a part of our process.


A typical valuation can take months. Once we receive the necessary data, we can produce a valuation within a few days.


We will benchmark your practice to other SLP private practices to see where your practice outperforms or underperforms in the marketplace.

Why is it important to know
the value of your practice?

Your practice most likely represents the largest asset on your personal balance sheet.  Therefore, it is essential to receive a fair market value offer for your business as it will be a significant portion of your retirement income. 

An accurate valuation will determine the validity of the potential sale price for your practice.

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When planning for a business owner’s exit, knowing the true value of the business can ensure that a proper succession plan is in place.  If the succession plan involves bank financing, lending professionals may require a valuation to be performed during the lending process.

The practice’s value can have a large effect on tax planning and preparing an estate plan.  Many tax and gifting strategies rely on an accurate appraisal of the practice.

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