Generate Income For the Rest of Your Life

Generate Income For
The Rest Of Your Life

Retirement Planning

During your career, you’ve grown accustomed to receiving a regular paycheck every two weeks. Once you retire, that traditional paycheck is going to stop.
You will need to produce your desired income by coordinating the various savings accounts and resources available to you.

Fixed Income

Social Security

Variable Income

Investment account
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Health Savings Account (HSA)

Other Income

Rental Income
Reverse Mortgage
Part-Time Employment

What Factors Can Put Your
Savings at Risk?

Inflation:  Gasoline costs more today than it did last year.  The increasing costs of goods can reduce your purchasing power over time.

Market Fluctuations:  If the market moves down, you may need more time to recover.  Owning different types of assets (read: diversification) can help limit the impact of volatility and allow you to have a more successful retirement.

Sequence of Returns:  The order of positive and negative returns can have a huge impact on how long your savings will last once you start withdrawing money from your portfolio. 

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Longevity:  People are living longer and longer.  Even if you save and invest well, underestimating your longevity can lead to outliving your savings and running out of cash in retirement.

It is important that your retirement plan accounts for all these variables to ensure you receive enough income for the rest of your life. 

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